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GC Data Cabling | Network Cabling
GC Data Cabling | Network Cabling
Fiber Optic

About Us

We offer a complete range of Telecommunications Services incl. Network Cabling, Switches, WiFi, Fibre, CCTV, Alarms, Intercom, NBN, PBX and Telephones.

We know that when it comes to choosing a contractor, you will always find a cheaper rate and a cheaper product and just about any clown can throw some cable through your roof, but we're not those guys. We are trained manufacturer accredited specialists. 

How we Can Help...

GC Data Cabling | Network Cabling

Design | Certification | Wi-Fi | Switches


Installation | Certification | NBN Relocation

CCTV | Site Security | Remote Access

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Data Cabling & Networking Issues Can Be Complicated. We Make it Easy...

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your property needs site security, an intercom or an alarm
  • You're working from home and your internet and Wi-Fi is garbage
  • Your office needs data points for workstations, WAPs and phones
  • You need fibre to connect your outer buildings to the Campus backbone
  • You're not really sure yet but you'd like advice from an expert

Does this sound familiar? [We can help you can get what you need.]

Don't Let Rubbish Networking Hold You Back

We understand the frustration and anxiety you feel when time and again, crap cabling and inadequate systems are what you have to rely on to get things done.

Old, poorly installed network cabling can cost your business serious money through missed deadlines, decreased productivity and workforce stress. And at home it disrupts program streaming, online shopping and the kids homework.

  • You shouldn't have to put up with it.

Our proven solutions, we can help you overcome these challenges to get the best out of your technology so you achieve more each day.

  • We believe Aussies deserve to have high quality networking so  everyone can do their very best work.


Get Dependable Connections with Lightspeed Performance

At GC-DC, we totally get that having fast and reliable Wi-Fi and Ethernet is crucial in business and home life. 

Slow & unreliable networking causes major disruptions, kills productivity and cost’s you money everyday. 

That’s why our mission is to build network solutions that meet and exceed the demands of the modern Gold Coastian 

Our expertise is in designing and implementing Fibre Optic and Data Networks, Wireless AP’s and WiFi Mesh, CCTV,  Alarms, Intercoms and Telephony that are all affordable, fast and reliable. 

  • We take the time to understand your unique challenges and tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Whether it’s Fibre Optics for Australia Fair, CCTV cameras in Fingal Heads, Structured Cat6A for Bond Uni, Satellite Internet in Beaudesert or relocating an NBN fibre in Pac Pines we’re the experts that make it happen.

And we're ready to do the same for you!

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Introducing the

'3-step Streamlined Solution'


Free Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs. We work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your project is discussed thoroughly.


Expert Solution

We’ll provide a written estimate that will run you through your options so we can develop an expert solution to fit your precise needs and budget.


We Hook You Up

We work our magic to get you hooked up to the fast and reliable network solution that you needed to succeed online.

What you can Expect...

We follow industry best practices ensuring we meet and exceed the warranty requirements. This means we’ll perform expert workmanship on every job, everytime… whether it’s a campus backbone fibre for Bond University or a video intercom for Julie and John from Parkwood. 

And if a problem occurs with any of our work, you’re fully covered, we’ll come back fast and fix it. You have peace of mind knowing that your investment is installed to the highest standard, by an expert, with guaranteed reliably for years to come.

10+ Years Experience

Our deep industry experience brings understanding of what options are available, so nothing gets missed. You’ll get clear choices in your buying decision

Data Cabling Specialists

With multiple Vendor Accreditations we are forever training. Ensuring you peace of mind that your project is in expert hands with up-to-date solutions

Affordable Prices

We design your solution with proven, affordable products that deliver high performance connections without breaking the bank

Don't take our word for it - hear directly from some of our recent clients.


Paul is very methodical when looking at the best option to place CCTV cables to cover all areas of concern that you the client has asked for - He explains everything and ensures you understand how it all works to ensure up-most satisfaction in the product recommended….AAA+

Julie Robinson 
Fingal Heads


Very fast response time and Paul was a pleasure to deal with. I found him to be very professional and experienced. He wall mounted a 100 inch TV weighing 109KG and because of the time and effort he put into securing it to the wall, I take comfort in knowing the job could not have been done any better and there is no way it will move. 10 out of 10 and I thank you.

Ray Lastelle 
Broadbeach Waters


Paul from GC Data Cabling was absolutely awesome! He was prompt, professional, polite and went above and beyond. He completed the work in the time he estimated, charged me accordingly and left the workspace neat and tidy. I would highly recommend GC Data Cabling for commercial and domestic jobs - his fee included the little bits and pieces needed and he had all the tools required to finish the job.


Key Features and Benefits

Hassle Free

We always clean up after ourselves, ensuring a hassle-free experience. You can rest assured that your space will be left clean and tidy after the installation process.

Clear Communication

We communicate with you throughout the process to keep you informed and involved. This transparency means you stay fully informed and can trust us to deliver on our promises.

Prompt Support

Our suppliers are 100% available by phone and warranties are supported locally so you benefit from reliable and timely support when it's needed.

Quick Resolutions

Our products are locally sourced and stock is close to hand so you can rest assured, any issues will be resolved quickly, minimizing downtime or disruptions.

Professional Technicians

Our technicians are police-checked and vendor-accredited. You'll feel confident and secure knowing we have reliable and trustworthy staff.

Competitive Pricing

We provide clear quotations with competitive pricing for our services, so you can enjoy quality network solutions at an affordable price.

Ready to Get Hooked Up?

"if you think it's expensive to hire an expert, wait and see what happens when you hire a novice."